Ransomware Cyber Attack on Canada Post leaks data of 950,000 Customers

    A Cyber Attack on one of the technology suppliers to Canada Post has reportedly resulted in the leak of information of more than 950,000 customers. And sources say that the primary postal operator of Canada is taking all Cybersecurity measures to prevent such incidents in the future. And out of an abundance of caution has also informed 44 of its customers about the data breach to prevent any identity frauds in the future.


    Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that the impacted company was Commport Communication that provides shipping manifests and other digital data interchange-related software.


    Unconfirmed sources say that the firm was hit by a ransomware attack where hackers infiltrated the database, stole a portion of data, and then encrypted the database until a ransom is paid.


    Information such as names and addresses of the receiver and sender of the items were accessed by hackers.


    Canada Post issued a media update on this note to confirm the cyber-attack and added that data related to customers who used the services between July 2016 to March 2019 could have been exposed in the incident.


    Prima Facie has determined that there is no evidence that customer contact and payment info made to the Canada Post were accessed by the hackers and that’s indeed good news.


    Note- In November last year, Innovapost, a business subsidiary of Canada Post was also hit by ransomware. But forensic evidence later revealed that the hackers only managed to infiltrate the database and never had access or could siphon the data.

    Naveen Goud
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