Ransomware gang breaches NASA and US Nuclear Missile IT Contractors


    As per a report aired on Sky News, Maze Ransomware spreading gang has targeted a US Nuclear Missile IT Contactor hailing from New Mexico stealing a small portion of information and encrypting few of the servers storing sensitive data from being accessed further.

    The company in the discussion is Westech International which was founded in 1995 by Dr. Betty Chao and has a history of providing Information Technology related services to federal agencies like the Department of Energy and Department of Defense. The company is also seen providing digital services to 400 Minuteman III Missiles located in Wyoming.

    Sky News says that the hackers spreading Maze Ransomware succeeded in getting their hands on some sensitive information which includes payrolls, emails, and some other classified documents.

    Westech has confirmed that an intrusion did take place on its company’s computer network, but is yet to find out the extent of the damage.

    In other news related to a ransomware attack, a gang known to spread DopplePaymer Ransomware is reported to have breached the network of an IT company named Digital Management Inc (DMI) working for NASA.

    And as per the blog being maintained by the DopplePaymer ransomware, information pertaining to several project plans, HR documents, and R& D was accessed, stolen, and sold on the dark web.

    DopplePaymer gang claims that it has succeeded in encrypting over 2583 servers and workstations of DMI’s internal network and is demanding a handsome pay to free up the data.

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