Ransomware hackers turn nasty by sharing intimate patient photos

    This is unimaginable, but is taking place in practical, seriously! Russian ransomware gang BlackCat Ransomware group has targeted a hospital operating in Pennsylvania this time and are threatening to leak intimate photos of the patient, say their private parts, taken during a radiology or some kind of scan tests.

    Lehigh Valley Health Network (LVHN), Lackawanna County, is the healthcare organization that has been attacked and cyber crooks stole patient information related to her radiation oncology treatment.

    BlackCat aka ALPHV is threatening to leak the data related to the single patient and will follow a similar process in the near future if their demands are not met on time.

    Based on the condition of anonymity, a source reveals that the criminal gang also had access to some sensitive data of some female patients and are threatening to leak the information, if the organization doesn’t play heed to their demands.

    This reveals us the desperation and willingness of the criminals to do anything and everything to mint money from the targets who refuse to pay.

    A few days ago, Medusa Ransomware gang was also trending on the Google news headlines for stealing some sensitive details of school pupil related to Minneapolis Public Schools. They demanded $1 million ransomware and, as the victims failed to pay the crypto currency on time; they leaked some screenshots related to the scanned copies of some handwritten notes related to two male and female students facing allegations of Se$u@l Assault.

    NOTE- So, if the law enforcement doesn’t take serious action against these gangs, they can turn heinous and take this crime to the next level, where victims can suffer a lot than what they are suffering, currently. From the Biden government’s POV, they are already taking steps to curb such incidents on national infrastructure and have also implemented strict laws such as slapping sanctions against criminals and keeping a track of the digital currency payments taking place in the crypto world. On the victims’ part, first they should start proactively securing their infrastructure and try to keep such criminals at bay from their network. And if the unfortunate happens, then consider recovery measures and stop paying the criminals. As such prompt payments not only increase crime but also don’t guarantee a decryption key for sure.


    Naveen Goud
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