Ransomware in 2020: How a VPN can protect you and your family


In this article, we will talk about Virtual Private Network or VPN. One of the best online security measures and tools to help provide a much safer internet experience. We will also be talking about how a VPN can protect you and your family while surfing online. So, without further ado…

What is VPN?

A VPN or Virtual Private Network is an online protection software that creates a tunneled connection between the user device and the virtual server selected. By using strong encryption protocols it protects the internet traffic that is being sent through that tunnel. This successfully blocks any further breaches into the traffic and keeps away any prying eyes. The most common threat on the internet are cybercriminals such as hackers or scammers. On the other hand, it also prevents tracking or surveillance that is often done by the government and the ISP (Internet Service Provider). Everything you do online is logged by the ISP.

If online privacy and information security are what is important to you and you want to protect you and your family online then VPN is the choice for you. Moreover, VPN is the number one choice for remote-access working that has been picking up pace in the past couple of years. If you are new to the whole work-from-home world this is something you should consider using.

Another great advantage of using VPN is that it hides the real IP address of the user and provides it with a virtual one. When subscribing to a VPN service, there should be a variety of different servers from all across the world you could connect to. This blocks any surveillance and tracking that is happening and provides the user with total anonymity while online. By having the option to choose from many different servers the user can bypass any censorship or website blocks.

How can a VPN protect you and your family?

Everything we do online is being tracked and collected. Just knowing about that, people want to protect their privacy and especially, their children’s privacy. There are over 5 billion internet users at the moment and some of them will not have good intentions. Another example of why you would want to protect you and your family online is the advertisers using the IP address of the user to adjust the marketing for the area and the customer needs. This, to some people, feels like an invasion of privacy. This is why, using VPN, you can successfully use the internet without both the cybercriminal and surveillance threats.

As we mentioned above, VPN can encrypt the internet data that is being sent and hide the physical location of the user by changing the IP address. This step alone is a huge boost to cyber-security when used constantly. When it comes to children, it can be used to set boundaries to which extent they can go when using the internet and to block unwanted websites and applications.

With all the possibilities that VPN provides to the user, there are almost no flaws and reasons why you should not start using it today. Opting for a VPN that is suited for your needs is something that is very important, considering that you are required to subscribe to a monthly subscription.

What are some of the essentials that you need to look for in a VPN?

As VPN has many advantages to provide to the user, you should take time to find the one that will be adequate for what you need. Here are some of the main features to look for in a VPN:

  • Connection speed – Your internet connection might slow down when connected to a VPN because of the high encryption protocols. Choose a VPN that has unlimited bandwidth and plenty of servers to choose from.
  • Nolog policies – The no-log policy means that once the user has disconnected from the server all of the logs will be automatically deleted. This will leave no trace of the user being online.
  • Ability to use on multiple devices – This is crucial when looking for a VPN to protect you and your family. Choosing a VPN provider that allows you to use it on multiple devices simultaneously will give you more control of the internet usage and provide better protection online.
  • Transaction transparency – The VPN provider you choose should not have any hidden fees or expenses. Since you will be paying for the service make sure to choose the one that has the most crucial services for their price. Comparing between several VPN providers will allow you to create an image of what the average price should be.

The main purpose of VPN is to provide the client with security and protection. This is why you should do the research before choosing one. Top-notch VPN providers will offer money-back guarantees or trail versions of the app to see if the user finds it adequate.

Is there a reason not to use VPN?

Well, no. VPN allows the user to have a safe internet experience for practically no disadvantages. Connection speed throttling is one of the main issues that might occur to users. With tunneled networks and high encryption protocols a VPN can protect you and your family from many online threats that might occur. So, there is no reason why you should not start using VPN as of today.


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