Ransomware leads the list of world’s most dangerous new Cyber Attacks


SANS Institute in its latest study has confirmed that Ransomware is leading the list of world’s most dangerous new Cyber Attacks. Speakers connected to the US-based cyber security company has confirmed at RSA Security Conference 2017 that out of seven new techniques connected to cyber attacks, ransomware is the leading malware which is infecting computing systems related to industrial process controllers and devices related Internet of Things.

Making a presentation for the 10th time at the RSA Security conference, SANS institute offered some advice related to prevention and dealing with cyber attacks. In the advice list, it added that companies should start practicing network security hygiene and should start limiting permissions for network shares to only those apps which require the permission. The advice is specially issued to companies which rely on remote web services for their day to day operations.

Johannes Uhlrich, the SANS Institute dean of research said that companies which are moving to the cloud have started moving their infrastructure. But they are ending up paying for services that aren’t always used.

Uhlrich added that devices related to Internet of Things aren’t having any security risk in practical as they have limited computing power. But the real risk emerges from systems and networks that control and connect them.

The most important discussion started when a speaker from SANS Institute asked a serious question to the entire conference participant which is as follows-

“What will happen if your connected car is locked by hackers who demand money to turn it on?”

The discussion was channelized in such a way that all tech geeks almost admitted that those who do not want to face this menace should stay away from autonomous cars.

Isn’t that scary…?

But is this really going to happen…?

Well, there is already a saying that every technology has its own pros and cons and the result depends on the user and his usage objective.

NOTE- Details about the list of new cyber attacks will be updated shortly.

Naveen Goud
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