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    Lloyd’s London, a leading insurance trader in the world, has apparently experienced cyber attack that is currently being deeply probed. The company issued a press statement that it has hired a cyber experts team to investigate the incident and those behind the attack. Because, UK is supporting Ukraine in its war with Russia, the suspicion finger obliviously is pointing towards Kremlin.

    Second is the news related to BlackByte Ransomware that recently inducted a special tactic into its attack concept. Security analysts from Sophos have discovered that the said malware variant is now having capabilities to disable 1000 drivers used by multiple endpoint protection solutions and anti-virus products. More details on the attack will be updated shortly.

    Third is the news that is yet to be confirmed by related authorities yet! CommonSprint claims to have been hit by a cyber attack that is suspected to be of ransomware variant and the company has pulled down certain systems offline and has hired a forensic expertise to investigate the incident.

    The IT Staff and the physicians are doing their best to reduce the impact consequences on patients. Ransomware is a kind of malware that encrypts a database until a ransom is paid. And nowadays, threat actors spreading such file encrypting malware have taken a step ahead by first stealing the data and then locking down the database from access.

    CommonSprint which claims to operate over 136 hospitals in 20 states, has assured to reveal more about the incident, as the experts unfold the story on a further note.

    Coming to the 4th news, a Canadian man has been sentenced to 20-years of imprisonment for stealing over $21.5 million on behalf of NetWalker Ransomware group. Sebastian Desjardins is the name of the person 35-years old and was extradited to the United States in January this year to face the trial.

    Details are in that the said person was arrested by the Canadian law enforcement in Quebec and when his home was searched, the officers found $750,000 in Canadian currency and about 760 BTC now worth $17 million.


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