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Epicor that offers business software to companies operating worldwide has disclosed that it became a victim to a ransomware attack at the end of last month. And the infiltration is suspected to have been done by a well-known ransomware gang.

A source from cloud solutions provider Epicor did not confirm the ransomware incident, but insisted that all its business data and that related to customers was secure from the reach of hackers.

Steve Murphy, the CEO of Epicor, confirmed the cyber attack on the network and stated that his company’s IT team was working with industry’s leading cyber security firm to investigate the incident deeply.

Second, news is out that those spreading ransomware have targeted over 85,000 MYSQL Servers so far with a file encrypting malware called Please_Read_Me a month ago. And since the victim denied paying the ransom, they posted information stolen from over 250,000 databases on their website for monetary benefits.

Highly placed sources say that the cyber attack took place on MySQL Servers since January this year and till the time it was discovered the researchers siphoned a portion of data by exploiting server vulnerability through a password brute force attack.

Coming to the third ransomware attack news trending on Google, TSYS that is into payment card processing is said to have become a victim of ransomware attack from early this month. And as the company denied paying the ransom, the Conti Ransomware gang posted a portion of stolen data online on December 9th, 2020 with an assurance to post more in coming days.

Columbus based Total System Services Inc (TSYS) immediately issued a press statement yesterday that none of its customer’s payment card data was compromised and the stolen information was related to the administrative area of its business subsidiary Cayan gained by it in 2018 and was purely immaterial.

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