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Fairfax County Public Schools has made it official that it has become a victim of Maze Ransomware that could have resulted in the apparent leak of student & staff information is yet to be probed.

According to the press release from Fairfax County Public Schools, the cyber attack did not impact the online classes related to distance learning, and the FBI along with the law enforcement has been informed to estimate the depth of the information leak.

Note- Maze Ransomware spreading gang has the tendency to first steal the data and then encrypt the database until a ransom is paid. If the victim denies paying a ransom, the hackers group makes money by selling the data on the dark web.

In other news related to Ransomware, Fourth Judicial District Court of Louisiana is said to have fallen prey to a ransomware attack at sometime early this year. And as the victim failed to pay the ransom, the developers of CONTI Ransomware leaked the stolen court papers through an online forum.

As per a source reporting to Cybersecurity Insiders, most of the leaked files are related to second degree verdicts like robbery with arms, kidnapping, R$%e and financial frauds.

In an astonishing development, Cloud Service provider BlackBaud is on the verge of being sued by one of its clients, Devereux Donors. As the company failed to secure the data stored on its database from ransomware spreading gang, Devereux along with another company is said to file a class action suit against the CSP for failing to prevent the information from falling prey to hackers.

As per the information available with cybersecurity Insiders, BlackBaud learnt that a ransomware spreading gang has targeted its database in May 2020. And the company’s IT staff discovered that the hackers were accessing the client data stored on the platform from weeks before the incident was first identified in May 2020.

Since the cloud provider failed to block the cyber crooks from accessing critical information such as social security numbers, financial details, and payment card details or driving licenses numbers, Devereux Foundation is intending to sue the company for a hefty compensation.

Coming to the last but not the least cyber incident related to ransomware, Newcastle University has released an official that DopplePaymer ransomware group has struck its database and has stolen some vital files that will be released online if the University cannot pay a ransom.

DopplePaymer Ransomware spreading hackers group releases stolen files on the web if in case its victim cannot pay a ransom and has done it before when they struck Elon Musk Company SpaceX and Tesla with ransomware.

As of now, Newcastle University is not in a position to entertain the demands of the hackers and is still busy investigating the full impact of the cyber incident.

The University spokesperson stated that the educational institute has taken the cyber attack seriously and has taken all steps to prevent any such development in the future.

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