Remote agent upgrades are here!

This post was originally published here by Ryan.

We are proud to announce the availability of remote agent upgrades for CloudPassage Halo! Special congratulations goes to the CloudPassage engineering team, who worked round-the-clock to ensure that this critical upgrade would be ready before the new year.

With this enhancement, Halo customers will now be able to:

Upgrade out-of-date Halo agents to the latest version using the Halo portal UI and API

  • Target agents to upgrade in bulk using group membership or another filtered set
  • Schedule upgrade jobs for immediate or future maintenance
  • Track the progress of running scheduled upgrade jobs
  • Receive email and UI notifications upon upgrade completion
  • View audit logs of upgrade jobs, successes, and failures

In order to take advantage of remote agent upgrades, existing customers must have this feature enabled by the CloudPassage Customer Success team, so it can be seen in the portal. Our Customer Success team will also be with you every step of the way through the onboarding process.


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