Report Finds Organization’s Vulnerability Management Blind Spots, Highlights Need for Risk-Based Approach

    Unremediated vulnerabilities are open doors that let malicious actors walk right through. Today, security teams are challenged enough by finding and shutting those open doors to keep their organization safe. Keeping track of those vulnerabilities and responding quickly and efficiently is one challenge—finding openings they might not even know about is another.

    According to NopSec’s State of Vulnerability Management report, 70% say their vulnerability management program (VMP) is only somewhat effective or worse. Furthermore, 34% responded that their VMP was not very effective at all and 53% of respondents said their organization does not consume third-party threat intel, like penetration tests, vulnerability disclosures, and IP or domain reputation scores.

    The company’s CEO Lisa Xu commented: “The future of vulnerability management is risk-based. Yet I often see that, without a risk-based approach to prioritizing the ever-growing list of vulnerabilities, organizations leave themselves exposed,” said Lisa Xu, CEO of NopSec. “What this report found is that some organizations have effective ways to detect, respond to, and remediate their vulnerabilities, while other organizations have more blind spots than they think. I hope these insights will be helpful to security leaders as they evaluate and strengthen their vulnerability management program.”


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