Russian President Putin reacts to US Cyber Attack Allegations


Russian President Vladimir Putin has reacted to the latest developments and allegations put by the United States. In a rarest ever of the diplomatic tradition of retaliation, Putin said on Friday that he would not deport US diplomats, unlike US President Barack Obama.

Putin added that his nation is looking forward to building a healthy relationship with the United States in future and would like to cultivate relations with the new US President Donald Trump.

As expected, Vladimir Putin’s fresh statement was released just a few hours after US President Barack Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats in retaliation for Russia’s involvement in influencing US 2016 Polls.

On Wednesday, Obama’s administration apart from expelling the Russian diplomats, passed out a resolution to close down Russia owned facilities on Maryland’s Eastern shore and on Long Island in New York believed to have been used by Russia for snooping purposes.

Although, Russian Foreign Ministry suggested to Putin to expel exactly 35 US diplomats from Moscow on an immediate note. The 4th President of Russian chose to strengthen the relationship between America- Russia by dropping the decision to expel.

However, a popular Russian Media resource adds that the latest statement of Putin still retains the right to punish US diplomats in the future.

What’s more astonishing is the fact that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov passed a resolution on late Thursday saying that 31 employees of the US embassy and four diplomats from the US Consulate Genera in St. Petersberg will be deported from Moscow.

But Putin revoked that resolution on Friday morning and said that his nation will not expel the US diplomats. Putin added that his government is looking to concrete Russia’s relationship with upcoming America President Donald Trump’s government.

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