Russian President was directly involved in influencing 2016 US Elections!

US Intelligence officials believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin was directly involved in influencing 2016 US elections. As per the latest news post on NBC news, the elections were surely under cyber espionage which eventually went into the favor of US President Donald Trump.

What’s even more astonishing is the fact that the latest revelations by US Intelligence comes just after a week of the Washington Post’s report which said that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) strongly believes that Russia somehow managed to manipulate the US Presidential Elections 2016 with the help of a specially trained cyber team.

CIA also believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin involved directly in manipulating the US election results in order to seek vengeance on US Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.

Since Hillary Clinton questioned the integrity of the Russian elections held in 2011, Putin is said to have developed a personal grudge against her.

According to NBC news post made on late Wednesday, Putin personally instructed a team of cyber hackers to intercept the cyber network used by US democrats to gain vital information.

The US Television network also quoted that two senior government officials helped Putin on this issue. But it failed to provide further details of the two officials.

The Washington Post believes that Russia’s effort to influence the US politics was clear and that was to split off the key American allies by tarnishing a morphed corruption image on the federal government leading the 50 states continent and exposing its inability to be a credible global leader anymore.

US intelligence agencies on the word of current President Barack Obama have started a probe on this issue and may also scan Putin’s personal wealth and its indulgence.

Meanwhile, a press release from Trump Tower made this morning said that all these allegations are baseless and ridiculous. Donald Trump said that there’s no iota of truth the allegations which are being spread in/by various news sources.

He said that he will abide by the decision of US Populace who elected him instead of a Democratic National Committee lead Clinton and will strive to make America number one continent.

Meanwhile, from past two days, top officials from companies like Microsoft, IBM, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant have lined up to meet the next president.

After meeting Donald Trump, IBM made a press release saying that it is going to create a special work space for Americans from early next year where only the natives will be preferred to occupy special posts in all its tech divisions.

Naveen Goud
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