Russian spies were responsible for cyberattacks on Yahoo!


The law enforcement agencies of United States have arrested four persons responsible for breaking into the database of Yahoo and stealing data related to over 500 million accounts. Out of the four, two are said to be a member of Russian security forces who was acting as spies of the federal nation.

It has to be notified over here that the charges come amid increasing tensions between Russia and the US over the use of Cyber Weapons and influencing the recently conducted US 2016 polls.

The US Justice Department has also announced that the accused were also involved in a separate cyber heist incidents which took place in 2014.

Thus, the latest revelations made by law enforcement agencies that Russia is involved in Yahoo’s Cyber attack shows the need for regulating such attacks.

Furthermore, after the latest Wikileaks revelation that CIA has the potential to hack any PC or connected device in the world, Russia and China have urged US White House to stop all espionage-related spying activities in other countries, including them.

Therefore, all this boils down to prove one point that each and every nation is carrying out espionage and cyber attacks on its enemy nations on a secret note. The only difference is that till a couple of years ago, all these activities were being carried out in a concealed manner. But now, nothing remains hidden from the media.

For instance, in January 2017, there were many media reports that accused Russia influencing the US 2016 election to such an extent that the results turned in favor of Mr. Donald Trump. Former US President

Barack Obama along with the Chiefs of CIA and FBI admitted that some kind of manipulation of election results happened in US 2016 polls.
Russia remained silent at that time and slowly revealed evidence to Wikileaks which said that United States law enforcement agency CIA has the capability to break into any computer network and computing device to carry out spying activities.

Hence, the blame game among nations will obviously continue forever…..isnt it?

Naveen Goud
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