Ryuk Ransomware attack on Prosegur Australia

Spanish cash moving company Prosegur’s Australia division has released a press statement a few hours ago saying that its global network was hit by Ryuk Ransomware. The multinational company which offers armored vehicles and services to move cash to ATMs, restaurants, banks and financial institutions across Europe, Latin America, North America, and Asia said that the file-encrypting malware has disrupted its digital operations across 4 continents which might take a week or two to recover.


Going deep into the details, Prosegur started its business in Australia in 2013 after acquiring Chubb Security. And strengthen itself on a further note after purchasing Westpac’s teller machines last month.


On Wednesday this week, the company declared that it’s IT infrastructure was reigning under the RYUK ransomware cyberattack and declared that all its internal and external systems were affected including its website which was down for 8 hours from late afternoon.


Yesterday at 6 PM GMT the company declared that the attack was of ransomware variant which was confirmed by IT authorities after the initial probe.


Note- Prosegur is having a business in over 26 countries and is into the cash transport business from the past 60 years. First, the company started a business from Spain and Portugal and then extending its tradeline to Latin America, Europe, and Asia. It is one of the largest security companies in Spain and probably the first to get listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange. What’s interesting is that despite being in the security business, the company became a victim of the biggest heist when the Prosegur Office in Ciudad del Este was robbed in cinematic style.

Naveen Goud
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