SingTel confirms another data breach after Optus Cyber Attack

Just within 3 weeks of confirmation, Singapore Telecommunication LTD aka SingTel has confirmed another data breach after Optus Cyber Attack. It has issued a press update saying its Australian company Dialog Pty faced a digital attack last week leaking details of only 20 clients. However, the issue seems to be serious as all the customers impacted in the lead were hit by a sophisticated attack, divulging a lot of personal info about them. The attack seems to be large than what is being reported.

In September 2022, Optus released a press statement that data of its 10 million clients was accessed by hackers. But confirmed that there is no proof that the stolen details were misused by now.

Australian Prime Minister declared a digital emergency as soon as the attack was exposed and urged all critical infrastructure operating firms to bolster their IT infrastructure against cyber attacks.

Now, the latest victim seems to be a subsidiary of Singtel named ‘Dialog’ and sensitive details were also accessed in the hack.

Ironically, the company also became a victim of digital disruption in January 2021 when hackers exploited its management systems through an Accellion FTA vulnerability. However, an investigation conducted later confirmed that there was no personal data access or leak in the attack and the situation was under control.

After reviewing the current situation, the Telecom company has appointed a team of experts who are being assigned the dedicated duty of protecting the network 24×7 from attacks such as those funded by the state.


Naveen Goud
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