South Korea Startup to share Cyber Threat Intelligence with Interpol


France based International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) has announced that a South Korean Start-up S2W Lab has signed an agreement with it to share cyber threat intelligence. And as a part of this agreement, the Korean Startup is all set to share information regarding dark web analysis with the international law enforcement agency.

As it is very difficult to track down criminals on the dark web, the police agencies across the world are finding it hard to arrest them- especially the hackers.

S2W Lab will ease this difficulty by sharing the data related to threat actors who are active on the dark web with regards to accessing and purchasing information regarding credit cards, passport numbers, passwords, revenge P$$n and other such details from across the world.

Coming to the details of S2W, it is a company that emerged into operations from September 2018 and specializes in capturing and analyzing huge amounts of data related to the Dark Web. In this process, the company uses natural processing as well as machine learning techniques to link multiple domains across numerous time-frames.

“Cybercrime of dark web is hard to track due to its characteristics and wide usage of crypto-currencies and this is where S2W lab specializes in offering a technology which will help the Interpol to mitigate cyber threats prevailing on the dark web landscape”, said Suh Sangduk, the CEO of S2W Lab.

As the company has employed network researchers from Korea’s Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), S2W has shot to fame in data analysis within no time.

Now the news is out that the company bagged the deal from Interpol last year when the CTO Shin Seung, who is also a Professor at KAIST won and was appointed as the member of Global Cryptographic Bank Crime Prevention Subcommittee of Interpol.

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