Steel miner and manufacturer EVRAZ hit by a Ransomware Attack


EVRAZ which is into steel mining and manufacturing has been hit by a ransomware attack, bringing its operations at its North America, Russia and Ukraine branches to a halt. A source from the company said that the steel production plants across Canada and the USA were also impacted by the attack.


IT Staff of the company headquartered in London are doing their best to contain the file-encrypting malware spread and have succeeded in doing so to a large extent. The Prima Facie has indicated that the database was hit by a Ryuk Ransomware which could halt the production work for some time possibly leaving over 1400 people in the US and 1800 in Canada almost jobless for a few days.


But as this statement has to get a confirmation from the related authorities- so no worries for now!


Note 1- Roman Abramovich who is a billionaire from Russia owns EVRAZ and is also known to control the UK Football Club Chelsea.


Note 2- In recent times hackers are following a regular pattern of targeting manufacturing companies and government organizations across the globe. And the victims list includes prominent names such as Fortune 500 listed Emcor, Department of Defense contractor EWA, law firm Epiq Global, Railworks of North America, INA Group which is Croatia’s largest petrol station, Visser which manufactures parts for businesses like Tesla, SpaceX and Horticulture machines, Defense Contractor CPI, and French cloud company Bretagne Telecom.

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