Stuxnet Cyber Attack on Iran to be dramatized by HBO

Hollywood Box Office, well known as HBO in short, is all set to dramatize 2010 Stuxnet cyber attack on Iran’s nuclear installations by Israel in coordination with the United States. According to a source from HBO’s Creative team, a mini-series is already on paper and is based on ‘Zero Days’ an award-winning documentary made by Alex Gibney for National Geographic on Stuxnet virus attack.

Note- Stuxnet is a malicious computer malware which was discovered by Russia based Kaspersky Labs in 2010. The malicious software can be categorized into a kind of virus which was developed by American/Israel security experts. Stuxnet which came into existence in 2005, targets SCADA systems and was also responsible for breaching the computer security of Iran’s Nuclear Program.

The network behind “Game of Thorns” has announced that it is going to partner with Carnival films for this project and Gibney has shown interest in directing the film with the help of screenplay penned by Stephen Schiff of “The Americans”.

On turning some pages of history, Iran was found accusing US and Israel in 2011 for employing Stuxnet to attack Tehran’s nuclear program, especially those at Natanz which was enriched with Uranium. The security experts from Iran said that the said virus was reportedly intrigued into the facility via a USB flash drive, bypassing the nuclear plant’s computer security strategies which were meant to isolate the facility from the web.

HBO is planning to dramatize the same story with some commercial elements in order to strike gold at the box office, like how ‘Black Panther’ movie is ringing the collection bells to its producers now.

Naveen Goud
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