Sundance Film Festival hit by cyber attack!


Sundance Film Festival was hit by a Cyber Attack and an internet outage on a simultaneous note this weekend. As per our sources, a state-sponsored actor initiated the cyber attack which halted the online ticketing system for almost 45 minutes. During this time, an unknown force caused an internet outage disrupting the entire network of the famed film festival.

According to the festival’s Twitter account update, the cyber attack forced the closure of its box office on Saturday and to a certain extent on Sunday. But all movie screenings went as per the designated schedule.

A team of security experts from Utah Police headquarters has been pressed into the services to probe into the matter. And as per the Prima Facie of the experts, the cyber attack occurred shortly after multi-talented actress turned producer Chelsea Handler led a Women’s rally in Park City against the US President Donald Trump.

Coincidentally, an unknown force caused a major internet outage leaving businesses and home users affected.

The ticket system of Salt Lake City Main Box Office was restored just 45 minutes after the attack. But the Park City System backup and run-time took almost 90 minutes. In the meantime, the internet outage stretched further to Saturday evening.

As a result of the internet outage, many ATMs, Fuel Stations, and some critical services in the region were forcibly shut down. And the festival attendees were asked to pay cash for the services.

Chelsea Handler who kicked out a Women’s March in Park City, Utah, on January 19 said that her voice against US President Donald Trump will continue to be negative till January 29th,2017.

CNN has already tagged this cyber attack as a retaliation to the new US President’s swearing in ceremony.

But the real motive behind the cyber attack is yet to be quantified on an official note by law enforcement forces of Utah.

More details will be updated shortly!

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