Trending cybersecurity news headlines on Google

1.) Tesla Faces Data Breach, Employee Information Compromised Tesla, the prominent electric car manufacturer, recently experienced a concerning data breach, with sensitive information of approximately 75,000 staff members being leaked to a German-language business media outlet called Handelsblatt. An extensive investigation conducted by Tesla revealed that two former employees were involved in illicitly obtaining intelligence […]

Apple and Android release slew of mobile security measures to patch vulnerabilities

Apple Inc has released a data protection measures to give all its users an assurance that their information remains protected from fraudulent access and data transfers. New rolled out features like Security Keys for Apple ID, Advanced Data Protection for iCloud, iMessage Contact Key Verification help users to protect sensitive data of users and their […]

Malware steals Facebook account details from 300,000 devices

New malware is on the prowl and is seen spreading malicious software in disguise of applications meant for teaching, reading, and other education-related activities. In particular, the apps targeted users from Vietnam and infected about 300,000 devices in over 71 countries just to steal Facebook(FB) credentials. ZIMPERIUM is the firm that conducted the study and […]

Best Android Smart Phones for Business Environments

Smart Phones have now become a necessity in our day-to-day lives and so companies like Google, Huawei, Infinix, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, RealMe Oppo, Tecno, Vivo, Xiaomi, OnePlus seem to flourish. Keeping aside devices used by individuals, let’s discuss a bit about those used in enterprise environments, where security and data privacy play a crucial role […]

Facebook discovers new android malware connected to APT threat group

Facebook security researchers released their second quarter Adversarial Threat Report that confirms two APT groups using a new android malware dubbed Dracarys. Dubbed as ‘Bitter APT’ and ‘APT36’ the newly discovered groups are being used to populate Dracarys malware via Facebook(FB) platform mainly to collect personal information or befriend a person, without the knowledge of […]

Vulnerabilities on UNISOC Processors loaded Android Phones

All those who are using an Android phone running on a UNISOC chipset are being warned that their devices are vulnerable to remote attacks where the cyber crooks can block or intercept communications to manipulate thereafter. UNISOC is one of china’s mobile processor manufacturers and the component is used on millions of smartphones that are […]

What to do if your Android Phone gets lost

Sometimes because of bad luck or you can call it whatever, we lose our smartphone because of misplacement or when someone steals it. The very first thought that strikes our mind thereafter is what to do next? The first thing to do is to dial it and see if someone picks it up. And if […]

Google to use Apple iPhones and Android devices to block Phishing Attacks

Google has made it official that it is going to use Apple iPhones and Android Devices as physical devices that could help in preventing phishing attacks on users using its web services. The plan is to use the mobile phones as physical keys such as Titan Keys to eliminate any kind of man-in-the-middle-attacks. All these […]

Apple workers using Android phones to avoid snooping from bosses

Apple Inc’s workers who are working hourly have opted to use rival Android phones to prevent their bosses from snooping around them. And the move is said to give a major boost to the employees who are intending to unionize their jobs with the support from major national unions. On the condition of anonymity, an […]

Mediatek vulnerability in Android phones fixed

A serious vulnerability in MediaTek processors that could have allowed hackers to spy onto a targeted device has been fixed now. The technical flaw was detected in AI Processing Unit(APU) and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and was having the potential of allowing a threat actor to eavesdrop on a user device and send media files […]

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