Google discloses some facts on Android’s Mobile Security

Google, touted as a leader in offering mobile operating systems to the world has announced that half of the devices working on Android OS have gotten security updates by the end of 2016. Thus, it enables the android OS users to defend themselves from any kind of digital crime and espionage. In an annual report […]

Cyber Attacks on Connected Cars will increase says Kaspersky

Kaspersky has warned the owners and riders of all connected and autonomous cars that the said transport mediums are extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks. The researchers from the Russian Security Firm have come to the conclusion after carrying out a research on remotely controlled cars manufactured by automobile manufacturers like Toyota. Note 1– Connected Cars […]

Mobile Security goes for a toss on Windows 10 Mobile Phones

Windows 10 Operating system based mobile phones are having a serious security flaw. And although the flaw seems small; it could turn into a major disaster if ignored. The problem starts with the ‘Pin Set Up’ in the settings app for Windows 10 Mobile Sign-in. A user can easily remove the pin from the device […]

Google Patches 23 Critical Vulnerabilities in Android

 Ionut Arghire wrote an interesting post about Google Patches 23 Critical Vulnerabilities in Android that I would like to share. “Google on Monday released its November 2016 Android security patches to resolve 83 vulnerabilities in the mobile operating system, 23 of which have been rated Critical. Of the 83 bugs, 37 were rated High risk, 22 […]

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