Anonymous Sudan

Anonymous Sudan launched Cyber Attack on X formerly Twitter

In a digital age where the lines between activism and hacking are increasingly blurred, Anonymous Sudan, a self-proclaimed hacktivist group with ties to the Russian Federation, recently launched a cyber-attack on the servers of the social media giant formerly known as Twitter, now known simply as “X.” This brazen attack disrupted the platform’s services for […]

Anonymous Sudan launches DDoS Attack on fan fiction website for 24 hours

Anonymous Sudan, that proclaims to be a pro-russian hacktivist group has claimed that its gang of hackers have launched Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on Archive of our Own (AO3) website since Monday morning and will target the same website for the next 24 hours and the next 3 months on an occasional note. […]

Cyber Attack projected on US and European Banking Systems

As European nations such as Germany, France and Britain are offering a helping hand to Ukraine on recommendation by the Biden led nation, 3 notorious hacking groups -Killnet, Anonymous Sudan and REvil have taken a pledge to conduct a digital assault on the US and European Banking Systems. A platform has been set by the […]

Anonymous Sudan launched Cyber Attack on Microsoft Outlook users have been suffering with intermittent outages from yesterday and news is out that the disruption was caused because of a DDoS cyber attack launched by a hacking group named ‘Anonymous Sudan’. Microsoft acknowledged the outage as true, but failed to label it as a state funded attack. How-ever, it issued a statement that […]

Hackers launched a DDoS Attack against CheckPoint and anticipate to target it again

Anonymous Sudan, a group of Hackers claiming to be as Palestinians, launched a distributed denial of service attack on Israel-based cybersecurity company Check Point. The concerning part of this attack is that the hackers claim to launch a stronger version of a similar attack on April 7th of this year and hope to take down […]

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