Anonymous Sudan launches DDoS Attack on fan fiction website for 24 hours


Anonymous Sudan, that proclaims to be a pro-russian hacktivist group has claimed that its gang of hackers have launched Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on Archive of our Own (AO3) website since Monday morning and will target the same website for the next 24 hours and the next 3 months on an occasional note.

The renowned fanfiction website is since then experiencing intermittent disruptions since the early of Monday morning, prompting the site owners release a web statement regarding the DdoS attack.

It is unclear why the hacktivists group is behind the not-for-profit open-source repository hosting 11,060,000 works in about 26,362 fandoms.

However, an ethical hacking group that is highly active on telegram claims that the religious group operating from Africa was against the firm for hosting blasphemy content and amateur fiction driven content hosted against LGBT community and so decided to take down the website with sophistication.

Surprisingly, Anonymous Sudan is demanding $30k in Bitcoins to stop the launch of DDoS attacks on the website and has given only a time span of just 26 hours to react. And if they come up with the payment, the hacking group could launch a ransomware attack, as their resources are claiming to have control on the entire network.

If the reaction isn’t positive, it has warned ‘Archive of our Own’ of serious consequences lead-ing to permanent shut down.

NOTE- Still when we try to access the website through web browser, a ‘503 unavailable error’ is appearing. And when we try to access Archive of our Own via mobile, it is showing ‘couldn’t connect error’.

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