Anonymous Sudan launched Cyber Attack on Microsoft Outlook

1561 users have been suffering with intermittent outages from yesterday and news is out that the disruption was caused because of a DDoS cyber attack launched by a hacking group named ‘Anonymous Sudan’.

Microsoft acknowledged the outage as true, but failed to label it as a state funded attack. How-ever, it issued a statement that it has employed mitigation policies to neutralize the impact of the DdoS attack.

On the other hand, Twitter is buzzing with the news that the Outlook cyber attack on web and mobile app service was result of a distributed denial of service attack, where the email servers of the said company are bombarded with overwhelming fake web traffic, thus causing a down-time.

Since, Microsoft was showing a lot of interest in internal affairs of Sudan, Anonymous Sudan could have launched the Denial-of-service attack as a retaliation deed said a telegram post.

Microsoft threat intelligence team anticipates that its Office 365 services might become the next target and so have warned the senior management to review the security posture of the online office service.

NOTE 1- Microsoft Outlook is a managing software that offers services such as email, calen-daring, task managing, contacts management, notes, web browsing and journal picks. is a free to use webmail service that competes with Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. It was introduced in the year 1997 and is now operating on laptops and mobile phones & tablets.

NOTE 2- Very little is known about the hacking group. But their actions are in-line with the reaction of Rasmus Paludan, who burnt a religious holy book in January 2023 and vowed to do so until Sweden is admitted into NATO, opposed by Russia.

Naveen Goud
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