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BBC Data Breach Exposes Personal Information of 25,000 Staff Members In a recent development, a spokesperson from BBC Pension issued a press release confirming a security breach that potentially compromised the personal information of over 25,000 current and former staff members. While investigations are underway to determine any misuse of data related to the corporation’s […]

UK TV License website glitch makes 40,000 households vulnerable to Hackers

In Britain and the territories attached to it on Coast, every household watching or recording television content during broadcast needs to hold a television license to do so. It is like a legal permission given by the Broadcasting authority to watch the content via terrestrial, satellite, cable or internet. Cybersecurity Insiders has learned that nearly […]

North Korea cyber attacks military data of South Korea

South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense has confirmed the BBC report which said that North Korea succeeded in contaminating the military database network of its nation with dreaded malware. The Cyber investigative team of the Republic of Korea has confirmed the news and said that extent of infiltration was not yet known. Early this year, […]

Liberia is still under the influence of Cyber Attack

Liberia is still reigning under the influence of cyber attack which hit it badly last week and dislodged its network communication with outside world. However, Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) has claimed that the news that the entire internet activity in its region was dislodged by cyber crooks is false.  LTA has issued a fresh statement […]

UK plans neutralization against state sponsored cyber attacks!

British are not going to stay silent from now on against cyber attacks being carried out by state-sponsored agencies. The government of UK has finally decided to defend itself in cyberspace and “ Strike back” against those who harm the integrity of its nation in any manner. According to a new cyber security strategy posed […]

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