North Korea cyber attacks military data of South Korea


South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense has confirmed the BBC report which said that North Korea succeeded in contaminating the military database network of its nation with dreaded malware. The Cyber investigative team of the Republic of Korea has confirmed the news and said that extent of infiltration was not yet known.

Early this year, there were many media reports which said that a group of state-sponsored hackers has been consistently hacking into banks and media outlets in South Korea. But a news report which emerged on BBC this morning said that a military database of South Korea was contaminated with malware which has the potential to spill data to remote servers.

The Military of Cyber Defense said that the affected network and servers were immediately isolated once the attack took place to prevent the spread of malware.

Reuters said that The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has succeeded in inducing malware into more than 140,000 computers at 160 companies till June this year and the cyber malpractice has been taking place since 2014.

The malpractice includes locking of database files with ransomware and demanding a ransom to unlock the files.

North Korea sees the United States as a strong supporter of South Korea and so has shown vengeance in different forms towards the federal nation in recent times. This includes the launch of cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure of the Fed such as power stations.

North Korea has been sponsoring thousands of cyber warfare personnel whose main duty is to launch cyber attacks on government agencies, banks and media companies of South Korea and the United States.

As per some reliable sources, the cyber warfare team is being nurtured by North since 2010 and they have been focusing on application programming interfaces, designed to attack critical infrastructure of enemy nations.

More details will be updated shortly!

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