China monitors UK and US populace through AI Satellites and thousands of CCTV Cameras

Britain’s government received a red alert last week to the Chinese government monitoring the country’s populace through its AI Satellites and thousands of CCTV Cameras. Fraser Sampson, the Commissioner for Bio-metrics and Surveillance Cameras, wrote a detailed report to Micheal Grave, the Cabinet Minister, over the dominance of Chinese companies in the supply and deployment […]

Chinese wireless cameras in UK are filled with espionage related software vulnerabilities

As per the survey conducted by consumer watchdog ‘Which’ more than 100,000 wireless cameras manufactured by Chinese company HiChip and installed in UK are said to be super vulnerable to cyber attacks as they are filled with extreme software vulnerabilities which can be exploited by hackers anytime.   What’s concerning is that the company sells […]

UK Shoppers being facial scanned by Law Enforcement

For those living in Manchester and other Metros here’s the news which can trigger severe privacy concerns. A post published in ‘The Mail’ on last Sunday suggests that the faces of millions of shoppers are being scanned secretly with high tech surveillance cameras by the law enforcement. The objective of this facial scanning is to […]

Arlo Security cameras suffer outage worldwide

Belgium based Security camera producer ARLO has made an official announcement on late Sunday which says that thousands of its cameras operating across the world suffered an outage for hours starting from this Saturday. The CCTV Company which is now a part of Netgear says that the issue started on late Saturday due to some […]

Cyber Attack news for this week

UK’s largest electronics retailer Dixons Carphone has made an official announcement on Tuesday that around 10 million records containing personal data of its customers could have been obtained in a cyber attack in 2017- which is much higher than the earlier estimates. However, the UK based company which holds a retail network clarified that the […]

CCTV systems installed in Toilets of British Schools hacked!

Can you ever imagine a security camera in one of your or your kid’s school bathrooms? Never, right! As installation of security cameras in bathrooms and bedrooms used in public spaces is strictly prohibited by the state surveillance laws. But some schools in Britain seem to have completely ignored the CCTV installation laws as live […]

Hackers use Washington DC Security Surveillance Cameras to spread Ransomware

Last week, two Romanian nationals named Mihai Alexandru Isvanca and Eveline Cismaru were arrested and prosecuted for launching cyber attacks on the surveillance system of Washington DC Police, which they later used to distribute ransomware. The arrest and prosecution were made as a part of Operation Bukovina that culminated in the arrest of 5 suspects […]

Traffic Cameras of Victoria hit by WannaCry Ransomware

Victoria Traffic Police Department has made it official yesterday that almost 55 of its speed monitoring and red light cameras were infected by WannaCry Ransomware. The malware flaw was detected last week when the cameras soon started to exhibit an unusual flaw of rebooting on their own for every 30 minutes. The Victorian Department of […]

Britishers arrested for Cyber Attacking Washington DC’s CCTV Network

London police have arrested two British nationals for hacking Washington DC’s CCTV Network between January 12th – January 15th,2017. As per our sources, these two hackers are suspected to be the kingpins behind the cyber attack which brought down the entire public CCTV network in Washington DC for two full days. The Sun reported that […]

Cyber Attack on Washington DC Public CCTV network

CCTV Network of Washington DC was hit by a cyber attack in the mid-January this year. As per our sources, the surveillance storage devices which record and store all the video evidence streamlined from the public CCTV cameras and managed by the law enforcement forces was hit by ransomware. DC city’s tech department confirmed this […]

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