CCTV systems installed in Toilets of British Schools hacked!

Can you ever imagine a security camera in one of your or your kid’s school bathrooms? Never, right! As installation of security cameras in bathrooms and bedrooms used in public spaces is strictly prohibited by the state surveillance laws.

But some schools in Britain seem to have completely ignored the CCTV installation laws as live streaming from such cameras is now being made available by hackers onto the web.

According to the content from a perverted website which boasts “Watch live surveillance cameras in the UK”, camera footage spying on children, teachers, and parents in real time is in great demand.

And among the schools whose footage is being streamlined, the prestigious UK based St Mary’s Catholic Academy in Blackpool, also happens to be one of the victims.

What’s more embarrassing part of this story is that camera footage from the toilets is also available on live streaming. Means, the website shows us CCTV footage from a camera installed in a toilet at Summerhill School in Kingswinford, West Midlands, England which is disturbing. And when an inquiry was made by Daily Mail, it was discovered that the school authorities installed the camera in the washroom visited by students last year.

Jeremy Hartley, of Eric Wright Group which runs CCTV systems across the UK, confirmed that more than 200 schools across England use security cameras in toilets, though it clearly triggers students and school staff’s privacy invasion.

Mr. Hartley added that scuffles in school washrooms are quite common and in order to have video evidence on hand, security camera installation in washrooms is being encouraged from past two years- of course against the laws.

As the cameras are having weak passwords, any computer geek can hack the camera by using a software and then live stream the camera content to the web, on demand.

What’s your say on this story? Does camera installation in washrooms make sense?

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Naveen Goud
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