England Populace should know this Council Tax Rebate Cyber Scam

Amid soaring prices of fuel and essentials, England’s populace is facing extra trouble of struggling to defend themselves from cyber frauds. The populace in Britain is being urged by the law enforcement to be aware of the new Council Tax Rebate Scam that gives a £150 rebate on paper but isn’t meant to do so […]

Ransomware Attack on Northern Rail UK

A suspected ransomware attack on the servers of Northern Rail’s ticketing system has disrupted the digital services of the company from the past 12 hours and news is out that the operator might make a recovery only after 2 days. News is out that the file encrypting malware has targeted over 600 touch screen units […]

Trending Cyber Attack news of UK

1.) NHS of Cumbria located in North West England has disclosed recently that it has been targeted by more than 150 cyber attacks in the last 5 years. A report from BBC has confirmed the news that the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Trust, which runs hospitals in Barrow, Kendal, Morecambe, and Lancaster was […]

Fujitsu and UTC team up for setting up Cybersecurity College

Fujitsu in association with University Technical Colleges (UTC) located across England has decided to set up an information security college to address the national and global shortage of professionals in the field of Cyber Security. The newly established technical college will aim to prepare students aged in between 14-19 for the job market of the […]

England briefs its football players on Russian Cyber Threats

England Football Squad which is on a visit to Russia to participate in the FIFA World Cup Football 2018 was briefed by officials from GCHQ on how to protect their personal data from being siphoned by Russian hackers. Furthermore, the England Football squad was provided with a temporary ‘burner phones’ which will be used during […]

Banks in the UK forcing customers to online frauds

Banks operating across England have picked up a new trend of closing their branches in rural areas and forcing customers to go online. Financial market analysts say that the move was chosen in a bid to cut down the CapEx and OpEx costs and bring the banking services close to the fingertips of their respective […]

CCTV systems installed in Toilets of British Schools hacked!

Can you ever imagine a security camera in one of your or your kid’s school bathrooms? Never, right! As installation of security cameras in bathrooms and bedrooms used in public spaces is strictly prohibited by the state surveillance laws. But some schools in Britain seem to have completely ignored the CCTV installation laws as live […]

UK’s NHS systems to be strengthened after Cyber Attack

WannaCry ransomware disrupted the computer systems at NHS on May 11th, 2017 and this made the hospital authorities stop digital update of patient records for a couple of weeks and instead switch to manual work. Very recently, Britain government reacted to this cyber mayhem and announced an action plan to make the NHS more resilient […]

British politicians put on high alert against Russian Cyber Attacks

National Cyber Security Agency (NCSC) of Britain has put all politicians of its nation on high alert against a possible Russian cyber attack before the June 8 general elections. The warning comes just after two weeks when France leader Macron accused Russia of trying to negatively influence his win in the recently concluded general elections […]

UK Teenage girls to help protect nation against Cyber Attacks

GCHQ which is England Government’s Surveillance Agency is requesting teenage girls to protect the nation against cyber attacks. As a part of this appeal, the National Cyber Security Center has asked its female population to develop cyber security skills to protect the nation against cyber attacks. To play its part, Britain government will soon be […]

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