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Some Cloud Storage Security Tips

As work from home trend is catching up fast across the world, remote workers need to follow some tips to isolate their mobile and desktop operating systems integrated with cloud storage from hackers. Using strong and secure passwords and 2 Factor authentication- Choosing alpha-numeric passwords tucked with special characters is the best way to keep […]

Plastic surgery videos leaked due to misconfigured Amazon Web Services Cloud

A study carried out by a team of security experts from vpnMentor has found that a database exposure due to a misconfigured cloud server has leaked plastic surgery photos and videos of patients belonging to a French Plastic Surgery Company named “NextMotion”. The 2015 founded company which is into the sales of digital cameras meant […]

ASUS Cloud Storage hacked to install Plead backdoor Malware

ASUS, a Taiwan based Multinational computer, and phone Hardware Company has admitted yesterday that a hacking group named BlackTech has exploited its WebStorage software to install Please malware using a router level Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) cyber attack. Another report from ESET says that its researchers have recently discovered that the cloud storage service of ASUS was […]

World Backup Day 2018

Welcome to World Backup Day, the day in which hopefully everyone backs up the data on their devices. World Backup Day is of course very important to, after all, how else would we make a living? More than that, however, we feel nobody should ever lose data simply because data loss is so easily […]

Free Cloud Storage in 2017: Top Five Providers with Large Free Service Plans

Finding a cloud storage provider is easy, but finding one with a lot of free storage space and all the features you require is much more difficult. has put together a guide on finding the best cloud storage providers with plenty of free space for that very reason, so you won’t have to traverse the cloud […]

Cloud Security facing a major threat from file-sharing operations

  File sharing has emerged as a major threat to cloud security teams operating all over the world. This was revealed in a survey made by Skyhigh Networks- a cloud access security broker. As per the Cloud Adoption and Risk Report study made by the web service provider, many cloud services which are being used […]

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