Cloud Security facing a major threat from file-sharing operations


File sharing has emerged as a major threat to cloud security teams operating all over the world. This was revealed in a survey made by Skyhigh Networks- a cloud access security broker.

As per the Cloud Adoption and Risk Report study made by the web service provider, many cloud services which are being used by enterprises are lacking proper security controls. Adding to the misery in the age of decentralized and mobilized IT environments are the growing percentage of files uploaded to cloud platforms which contain sensitive information.

As per the Skyhigh Networks report, security teams have termed ‘Cloud Sharing’ as one of the biggest threat to enterprise cyber security.

The study said that on an average, an enterprise is generating 2.7 billion of cloud events on a month. This includes file upload/download, document sharing, and user logins. From them, only 23.2 percent of the cloud events prove as actual security incidents which are visible. Other indents go unnoticed, but result in major cyber attacks due to alert fatigue and missed incidents.

As almost all IT events are being monitored by Security Operations Centers (SOC’s) in the corporate world, cloud file sharing and collaboration is topping the list of major threats.

Adding to the misery of the security teams is the growing volumes of data which must be monitored on the monthly note.

Though, tools such as ‘User Behavior Analytics’ are helping security teams to identify potential cyber threats like DDoS in time, most CIOs are only reacting to them when most of the cloud events pile up like a mountain.

Companies should start addressing this problem before the event turns huge. But the lack of awareness and education among corporate employees is complicating things to a large extent.

Know how the corporate security teams can strengthen the enterprise IT environment from cloud sharing threats?

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Naveen Goud
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