Conti Ransomware

FBI and CISA issue joint alert on Conti Ransomware

An alert issued on September 22nd, 2021 by FBI and CISA on a joint note says that the Conti Ransomware has become super-active in recent months as their analysis showed that the said malware spreading gang was involved in over 400 attacks on companies operating in United States and abroad. By launching spear phishing campaigns, […]

Conti Ransomware gang plans leaked by hacker

A hacker working for Conti Ransomware has reportedly leaked some of the important document files on a hacker’s forum. The intention of the hacker on revealing the plans is unclear. But security analysts state that the hacker might have gone rogue against the Conti Ransomware group as he/she might have received less or a nil […]

Backup appliance maker Exagrid pays $2.6m to Conti Ransomware hackers

Despite repeated warnings by the law enforcement agencies like the FBI against ransomware payments, Backup appliance maker Exagrid has reportedly paid $2.6m in Bitcoins to those spreading Conti Ransomware.   Going deep into the details, the firm that is into the business of data storage was hit by the Conti Ransomware group in May this […]

Conti Ransomware targets Florida’s largest school district

Broward County Public Schools that is the sixth largest school district in United States was hit by a ransomware attack sometime last month. And sources say that those behind the spread of ransomware demanded $40 million or else threatened to wipe off the entire data on the servers. School authorities of the largest Florida district […]

Conti Ransomware hackers leak Truckers Medical Records

Information related to Truck Drivers and Rail workers is reported to have been exposed in a ransomware attack that took place on a healthcare services provider of Virginia. And the leaked sensitive details include full names, social security numbers, medical record information, drug and alcohol test reports and scanned copies of driving licenses. The healthcare […]

Data Breach at Sangoma Technologies because of Ransomware Attack

Sangoma Technologies, a Canadian firm dealing in VOIP Services, has announced that hackers stole some of its critical information after launching a ransomware attack on the firm’s database. The data communications provider announced the details of the cyber incident after the threat actors posted the stolen information belonging to the company on the eve of […]

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