Cryptocurrency Mining

Compromised cloud accounts leading to Cryptocurrency mining

Google, the business subsidiary of tech giant Alphabet Inc, has released a report saying that the compromised cloud accounts were leading hackers to mine cryptocurrency that could prove as a double threat to customers. In its report titled “Threat Horizon”, Google’s team of security specialists claim hackers were compromising cloud accounts used by customers for […]

Europe Super Computers being fraudulently used to mine Cryptocurrency

Just a week ago reports were in that the Supercomputer named Archer from Europe was cyber-attacked by hackers to steal critical information about the research and development taken up by Universities and Government to find a vaccine for COVID 19.   Now the news is out that almost all the supercomputers operating in Germany, UK, […]

Cybersecurity news trending on Google

1.) Cloud Storage vendor Dropbox suffered a business drawback last week when security researchers participating at the ‘HackerOne’ bug hunt program in Singapore discovered over 264 vulnerabilities on its data storage platform. According to those familiar with the news from the company, the data storage firm had already been alerted by its internal engineers about […]

MIT alerts Cloud Computing businesses against Ransomware Attacks!

Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) has issued an alert to all Cloud Computing businesses that they could be an easy target for ransomware spreading attacks, as they deal with and store huge amounts of corporate data. The Tech Institute has issued a special Ransomware cyber attack warning to large scale businesses such as Amazon, Google, IBM […]

Cyber Attack on NiceHash Crypto Mining website results in CEO Resignation!

Cyber Attack on Crypto Mining website NiceHash has resulted in the resignation of Marko Kobal, the co-founder, and CEO of the said Slovenian startup. So, the New Year 2018 witnessed Kobal replacement with Zdravko Poljasevic as ‘NiceHash’ CEO. Going further into the details, NiceHash witnessed a cyber attack on its database on December 6th,2017. The […]

Is your computer being used for ‘CryptoJacking’?

As almost all popular streaming sites are ‘CryptoJacking’ computers without their user’s knowledge these days and security experts from Kaspersky believe that Cryptojacking will emerge as one of the biggest Cyber Threats of 2018. According to a report published in Forbes, those websites & apps which aren’t billing you for their web services are often […]

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