Demand for ransomware soars by 2500% amid high profile Cyber Attacks!

A recent report released by Computer Security Company Carbon Black reveals that the demand for ransomware has soared by 2500% in 2017, amid high profile cyber attacks and the rise of Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins. The Massachusetts based company found that the market for ransomware on dark web soared to $6.24 million years to date, compared […]

Ransomware exploded due to Bitcoin usage

Ransomware which can be considered as the biggest cyber threats to the digital world is said to have exploded in the past couple of years. All thanks to the anonymous usage of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. In a recent study conducted by Intel Security, the said malware is said to have exploded by 3500 percent from […]

Know how blockchain can act as a panacea to all cyber attack troubles

In this digital world, nothing seems to be immune to cyber attacks and cyber crooks. But if the technology of blockchain can be carefully explored and emphasized, it can help a public or private agency to build a network which has no single point of failure and is super resilient to cyber attacks. Bitcoin, a […]

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