Australia to issue ban on ransomware payments after Latitude Financial Cyber Attack

The Australian government is set to issue a complete ban on ransomware payments after one of its major financial lenders became the target of a massive file-encrypting malware attack on March 16th this year. As the victim received a ransom demand in Tornado Cash on April 11th, 2023, the Albanese-led government is considering banning cryptocurrency […]

YouTube acting as a heaven to online fraudsters fake Cryptocurrency giveaways

YouTube, Google’s most trusted video sharing platform, is in news for all the wrong reasons. As per a research conducted by threat intelligence firm Group IB, fraudsters are using 36-40 fake YouTube Streams to attract over 200,000 viewers with fake cryptocurrency giveaways. According to the survey conducted by the Singapore-based security vendor, 67 people have […]

United States appoints National Cryptocurrency Enforcement Team to curb malware spread

The United States Department of Justice (DoJ) has announced on Thursday last week that it is going to block misuse of cryptocurrency by cyber criminals by appointing a dedicated team of experts to detect, analyze and prosecute those involved in the crime. In a statement released early today, a source from DoJ said that the […]

Russia ban on Cryptocurrency to curb ransomware spread

Russia’s Central Bank is seeking government’s inputs to impose a ban on the mining and use of cryptocurrencies- all to curb the spread of cyber crimes such as ransomware spread and cyber terrorism. A report published by Bank of Russia aka Central Bank of Russian Federation confirmed the move and added that it is looking […]

North Korea steals $400m cryptocurrency through Cyber Attacks

North Korea, the nation that is being led by Kim Jong UN is back into news headlines for stealing cryptocurrency worth millions through cyber attacks. According to the analysis made by chainalysis, a blockchain firm, the said nation stole $400m worth of cryptocurrency last year by launching digital attacks on various cryptocurrency platforms and by […]

White House puts sanctions on Russian Cryptocurrency exchange for ransomware payments

Biden Administration announced early this month that it’s going to put sanctions on cryptocurrency exchanges that deal in ransomware payments and as a first shot it has issued sanctions on Russian Cryptocurrency Exchange Suex. Therefore, the company will no longer be accessible from any of US Infrastructure or to any American citizens. What if the […]

Interesting as Cyber Attack victim sues hackers parents

In January 2018, a man named Andrew Schober was busy moving $800k worth currency in Bitcoins from one virtual wallet to other. However, he failed in doing so, as some hackers tried to intercept the transaction and somehow diverted the funds to their personal wallets. Andrew contacted the wallet companies to track down the culprits, […]

Google bans the following cryptocurrency apps for data security

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast and are using any of the mining apps to earn more, then this article needs your interest. Google has issued a warning to all users of cryptocurrency apps to look at its latest update that has banned few of the applications for functioning with malicious intentions by misleading innocent […]

Wow, a job offer to hacker by victimized company

A week ago, Poly Network, a cryptocurrency notifying block chain site was hitting the google news headlines for wrong reasons. A hacker stole $600m worth of crypto from the block chain network and transferred the currency to three digital wallets. Now news is out that the hacker returned half of the money gathered from the […]

Over $600m cryptocurrency stolen in Cyber Attack

Hackers have stolen more than $600m cryptocurrency through a vulnerability in the systems of Blockchain site Poly Network. And as per a tweet released by the company, the hackers are ready to negotiate and release the stolen currency, if they are offered something lucrative. Poly Network offers an interoperability protocol that helps connect different blockchain […]

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