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At least 72% of children were hit by cyber threats in 2021

A recent survey made by a Saudi based firm has discovered that about 72% of children were hit by cyber threats last year, i.e., 2021 and estimates are in that there can be a rise by 10% in such attacks by this year’s end. Saudi based Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in association with Global Cybersecurity […]

Now a Digital blue print to protect UK from Cyber Threats

As Cyber Threats seem to be ever growing, the UK government has devised a National Cyber Strategy aimed to protect the UK from the threats lurking in the current cyber world. In recent years, the businesses operating in UK have been constantly generating a revenue ranging anywhere between £6.5- £8.9 billion from over 46,700 skilled […]

Mobile Phones in UK are vulnerable to Cyber Threats

More than half of the mobile phones being operated in United Kingdom are at a risk of exploitation from hackers, says a survey conducted by Privacy advocacy firm Which? So, all those consumers who are buying a mobile phone through a network service provider, a retailer or a device manufacturer, you better be aware of […]

Cyber Threats force Tennessee to pass an Insurance Data Security Law

Due to an increase in cyber threats in the insurance sector, Bill Lee the Governor of Tennessee has passed an Insurance Data Security Law that will help buyers protect their personal, medical, and financial information from falling prey to hackers.   Precisely speaking, the law strengthens the ongoing rules that the insurance carriers in Tennessee […]


This post was originally published by (ISC)² Management. With cyber attacks against financial and banking institutions now a daily occurrence, cyber threats have become the biggest risk to the global financial system, according to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. Read more here:

Work from home increases Cyber Threats on Enterprises

Cyber Threats have increased on enterprise networks and all thanks to the latest trend of work from home that is being practiced by most of the firms operating across the globe to prevent the spread of Corona Virus. And as per the research, most of those attacks or threats were targeted by cyber crooks launching […]

Millions of Email based Cyber Attacks missed by organizations

Although many organizations are using email protection solutions, millions of email attacks are still going undetected in corporate networks, says a research carried out by Barracuda. Barracuda Email Threat Scanner was used to scan the computer networks of 4550 organizations and out 2,600,531 mailboxes, over 2,029,413 were found to be targeted by unique cyber attacks. […]

Cybersecurity Threats to Look Out For In 2021

The start of the new decade comes with lots of good things businesses. In 2021, technology will improve significantly in various fields. This will not only provide opportunities for business growth, but it will also have an impact on the quality of life.   Nonetheless, the fact that 2021 could be an amazing year doesn’t mean […]

Cyber threats looming on UK Hospital networks

As the spread of a new mutation of COVID-19 virus has induced fear among the Britons living in Tier 1 and 2 cities, security experts warn that cyber threats might immensely pressure the healthcare systems across UK and Europe. Although the vaccination roll out to curb the spread of Corona Virus has began, most medics […]

Australia cites Cyber Threats from Drones

With an aim to figure out a ‘Comprehensive national policy’, the Australian government has released a consultation on how Drones are being used in their region and what bad can be expected from the flying devices. On an additional note, the 68-pages reference book also shared some interesting insights that are discouraging. Like the Australian […]

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