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Millions of Email based Cyber Attacks missed by organizations

Although many organizations are using email protection solutions, millions of email attacks are still going undetected in corporate networks, says a research carried out by Barracuda. Barracuda Email Threat Scanner was used to scan the computer networks of 4550 organizations and out 2,600,531 mailboxes, over 2,029,413 were found to be targeted by unique cyber attacks. […]

Cybersecurity Threats to Look Out For In 2021

The start of the new decade comes with lots of good things businesses. In 2021, technology will improve significantly in various fields. This will not only provide opportunities for business growth, but it will also have an impact on the quality of life.   Nonetheless, the fact that 2021 could be an amazing year doesn’t mean […]

Cyber threats looming on UK Hospital networks

As the spread of a new mutation of COVID-19 virus has induced fear among the Britons living in Tier 1 and 2 cities, security experts warn that cyber threats might immensely pressure the healthcare systems across UK and Europe. Although the vaccination roll out to curb the spread of Corona Virus has began, most medics […]

Australia cites Cyber Threats from Drones

With an aim to figure out a ‘Comprehensive national policy’, the Australian government has released a consultation on how Drones are being used in their region and what bad can be expected from the flying devices. On an additional note, the 68-pages reference book also shared some interesting insights that are discouraging. Like the Australian […]

Over 27.1 billion cyber threats blocked by Trend Micro in 2020

Cybersecurity firm Trend Micro has blocked nearly 27.8 billion cyber threats so far in 2020 and that includes 9 million COVID related threats observed in the first half of this year. However, the security giant says that the threat surge hasn’t ended here as there is more to follow by this year’s end. The data […]

Corona Virus Pandemic leads to more Cyber Threats

Corona Virus Pandemic spread has made the corporate world cut down its security teams and freeze hiring because of which those institutions are on the verge of facing more cyber threats and financial perils says a new survey. As a per study conducted by Security Information and Event Management(SIEM) company Exabeam, atleast 3 in every […]

Corona Virus related Cyber Threats Volume reached 200,000 in April 2020

After the lockdown, as most of the company employees around the world were given the opportunity to work remotely to keep their office operations live, a research carried out by Cybersecurity firm Check Point says that the trend witnessed a sharp rise in the volume of cyber attacks as the number surged to 200,000 per […]

One third of British Parents spy on kids because of Cyber Threats

All these days’ parents in Britain worried that their kid’s exposure to web for lengthy periods of time might expose them to cyber bullying, X-rated content and drug culture. But now, a recent survey has revealed that over one third of parents worried that their kids might expose themselves to cyber dangers if they spend […]

A £10 million funding to tackle Cyber Threats on digital devices in the UK

The Government of the United Kingdom has indulged in a £10 million funding to deal with cyber threats which are hitting the digital infrastructure and services operating in their country.   The funding was recently announced by the UK Department for Digital, Culture, and Media & Sport (DCMS) and was intended to bolster the Cybersecurity […]

Mobile Security Cyber Threats for the year 2020

As smartphone usage has increased immensely in the past few years, it also gave rise to the same amount of mobile security Cyber threats in parallel. Some users are aware of them and are taking all necessary precautions for not falling prey to hackers.   Now to those who are unaware of such threats and […]

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