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This post was originally published by (ISC)² Management. The number of people working from home is skyrocketing as the COVID-19 pandemic forces companies to close offices and practice social distancing. The sudden explosion of makeshift home office environments is adding to the burden of already overtaxed cybersecurity workers, who now face the massive task of […]

Canada Govt to offer Cybersecurity for Teleworkers during COVID 19 Pandemic

To all those public and private employees in Canada who are working from home, due to Corona Virus spread crisis, here some good news. A Canada spy agency is all set to use its huge database of cyber threats to protect employees who are working from home to keep their critical office IT operations free […]

Phishing Threats Increase with COVID 19 Outbreak

The recent COVID 19 pandemic has changed the way that businesses are operating around the entire country. Some businesses are forced to temporarily shut down, while others are trying to adjust to the changes of working remote and innovating new and unique ways to operate their business. Every business has been affected by this pandemic outbreak, […]

Over Two Million Email Cyber Attacks on The National Gallery London

According to a study and data released by Absolute Software, The National Gallery London was hit by over 2 million email cyberattacks in the year 2019. The endpoint security offering company clarified that it obtained the data via Freedom of Information act and then verified the info with its sources before disclosing the facts to […]

Microsoft Ireland confirms every 3 in 4 organizations are worried about Cyber Threats

Microsoft Ireland researchers have discovered that every 3 in 4 of the largest organizations operating in Ireland were worried by Cyber Threats after screening the employee security habits in the respective organizations. The focus of the researching team was on 4 key areas which include Identity Access Management, Threat Protection, Information Protection, and Security Management. […]

Microsoft wants to curb the growing menace of Cyber Threats in the following way

Microsoft made it official on Tuesday that it has ways to curb the growing menace of cyber threats on government infrastructures across the world. The American tech giant says that the threats can be curbed by collaborating with governments, tech companies, and 3rd party Cybersecurity agencies who in-turn will share data afterward.   According to […]

Worldwide Cyber Threats in 2020

A report disclosing details about Cyber Threats that will prevail across the world in 2020 was released by Cybersecurity Firm Check Point early today. And it highlights the attack vectors and techniques which will be employed by cyber crooks to attack organizations irrespective of their size or field.   Check Point Cyberthreat highlights include    […]

Russia to test ‘sovereign internet’ to curb foreign Cyber Threats

Russia is all set to test its sovereign internet infrastructure which it claims will help if foreign nations launch cyber attacks on its global internet connectivity. However, Free-speech activists fear that Vladimir Putin led the nation is looking to gain more control over user activity with the latest bill.   According to the sources reporting […]

Bill to protect US Schools against Cyber Threats

On Monday, a Bill to protect US Schools against Cyber Threats was introduced in the House of Representatives and was directed to DHS to outline a list of Cybersecurity recommendations and Cybersecurity toolkit to K-12 schools operating across the United States to strengthen their cyber protections. Senators Rick Scott and Gary Peters introduced the bill […]


This post was originally published by (ISC)² Management. Hospitals are set up to fight infections, but not necessarily the kind that has been plaguing healthcare institutions lately – malware. A new report estimates that cyber threats against healthcare targets increased 60% since January, surpassing the total number of threats identified in all of 2018. Read […]

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