How personalized phish training can thwart evolving cyberattacks

[By Matt Lindley, COO and CISO at NINJIO] Although the cyberthreat landscape is constantly shifting, several major cybercriminal tactics have stood the test of time. Phishing is one of them. Despite being among the best-known cyberthreats, the damage inflicted by phishing attacks keeps rising. This is because phishing exploits ingrained psychological vulnerabilities that are difficult […]

Is Your Small Business Safe Against Cyber Attacks?

Just because you are running a small business doesn’t mean you are out of the reach of cybercriminals and hackers. In fact, small businesses are more susceptible to security breaches and cyberattacks because most often they dont expect the attack, thus are unprepared to handle the situation. Back in 2018, almost two-thirds of the small […]

Centrify Research Reveals 90% of Cyberattacks on Cloud Environments Involve Compromised Privileged Credentials

Prevalence of breach attempts can be attributed to reliance on cloud as work-from-home era continues March 17, 2021― An overwhelming percentage (90%) of cyberattacks on cloud environments in the last 12 months involved compromised privileged credentials, according to new research from Centrify, a leading provider of modern privileged access management (PAM) solutions. The new study, […]

Donald Trump United States launches Cyber Attacks on Huawei staff

Huawei Technologies Co which has been banned from selling its 5G products and services in the United States by Trump administration has alleged that the White House has launched cyber attacks on its staff and partner operations to further tarnish the image of Chinese Telecommunication Company in the international markets. “Huawei’s intranet and internal information […]

Universities need to protect their data from Cyber Attacks

As more and more Universities are falling preys to cyberattacks, security researchers say that educational universities should appropriately defend their digital assets before it’s too late. Oxford, Warwick, Greenwich and Lancaster Universities were among the many of the higher educational institutes which have fallen prey to cyber attacks in recent years, and the list might […]

Trump Government insists on Woman Owned Startups to secure Radio Active material from Cyber Attacks

Trump Government on the recommendation of the National Nuclear Security Administration is looking for a startup owned by a woman entrepreneur to prevent cyberattacks targeting nuclear materials, whether in a facility or transit. As nuclear and other radiological materials are susceptible to cyber attacks, The Energy Department wants a woman-owned small business to take off […]

Aliens can cyber attack our Earth’s digital infrastructure

Surprised on seeing the headline? But astrophysicists argue that there is a high possibility of aliens’ cyberattacking our earth’s digital infrastructure in near future. And the only way to avoid risks is to destroy anything beyond simple messages from them. Well, it might look like a script of an upcoming Independence Day movie series or […]

Utah Government is thwarting 900 million Cyber Attacks!

The government of Utah has officially disclosed that it is thwarting over 300 million cyberattacks on a daily note and in some days is seeing 900 million cyber attacks hitting its government systems. A spokesperson for the government said that there were only 150 million daily attempts to hack into a government system in 2015. […]

Saturday Morning Security Spotlight: Jail Breaks and Cyberattacks

This post was originally published here by  Jacob Serpa. Here are the top cybersecurity stories of recent weeks: Man attempts prison break through cyberattacks Mailsploit allows for perfect phishing attacks 1.4 billion credentials found in dark web database Starbucks WiFi hijacks connected devices Hackers target cryptocurrency employees for bitcoins Man attempts prison break through cyberattacks […]

Can information security spending keep up with cyberattacks?

This post was originally published here by deepak munjal. Over the past few years, we’ve seen organizations ramp up their security spending to combat the numerous and seemingly never ending threats that continue to plague the industry. The amount of money poured into information security worldwide is up to nearly $85 billion this year and is expected […]

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