Donald Trump United States launches Cyber Attacks on Huawei staff


Huawei Technologies Co which has been banned from selling its 5G products and services in the United States by Trump administration has alleged that the White House has launched cyber attacks on its staff and partner operations to further tarnish the image of Chinese Telecommunication Company in the international markets.

“Huawei’s intranet and internal information systems were infiltrated through a cyber attack last month and the suspect foreign nation happens to be trump led the United States”, said a spokesperson from the China-based networking equipment provider.

What’s interesting about the allegations is that the accusations follow shortly after the news spread that Huawei is planning to launch it’s next-generation Huawei Mate 30 in Germany on 19th of this month. Speculations are ripe that the smartphone might come without any apps and services related to Google as the internet juggernaut has decided to suspend all Android operations on future smartphone models released by the Ren Zhengfei led company.

Furthermore, Huawei has specifically mentioned in its accusations that the US government was engaging in activities such as threatening, coercing, menacing, and enticing and inciting it’s present and past employees and was sending FBI agents to their homes to intimidate them to collect sensitive data related to the company.

The latest press release of Huawei hints us the fact that it’s not going to take any kind of pressure from western nations irrespective of the repercussions after.

Note- Huawei’s statement comes just after a day when it officially announced to stop the launch of its Huawei MateBook Laptop due to a forbid to buy parts from US companies—all due to a ban imposed by Donald Trump on May 15th, 2019 through a National Security order alleging Huawei products spying on US soil and sending data to remote Chinese servers for analysis.

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