Mastering the Cybersecurity Tightrope: Risks and Threats in Modern Organizations

Organizations of all sizes grapple with the daunting reality of potential vulnerabilities, malicious actors, and unforeseen challenges that threaten the integrity of their company. The stakes have never been higher; from small startups to multinational corporations, every entity must navigate an intricate web of security challenges daily. While the terms—’risk’ and ‘threat’—are often intertwined in […]

Cybersecurity in Utilities: How the Utility Industry has Become a Pioneering Force in Cybersecurity Tech

By Wayne Tung, Managing Director at Sendero Consulting Historically, the utility industry has been thought of as reliable, slow moving, and heavily regulated. People want to know that their lights will turn on and water will run, and by prioritizing that consistency, the general public and regulators have not pushed the industry to be particularly […]

Combatting foreign interference

The spectre of foreign interference, ranging from corporate espionage to intellectual property theft, poses significant threats to organisations striving for competitive edge. Against this backdrop, the release of the 2024 Insider Risk Investigations Report by the DTEX i3 team underscores the imperative for robust cybersecurity measures and collaborative defence strategies within the business community. Cybersecurity […]

Navigating the Future: Zero Trust and SSE in Cybersecurity Leadership Strategies

The cybersecurity landscape is undergoing a rapid and alarming transformation. The once impregnable castle-and-moat defenses are proving inadequate in this new hybrid world. This article delves into two potent concepts shaping the future of information security: Zero Trust and Security Service Edge (SSE). We’ll delve into their fundamental principles and demonstrate how they effectively tackle […]

Essential programming languages to be learnt by Cybersecurity Professionals

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, proficiency in programming languages has be-come indispensable for professionals seeking to defend against digital threats effectively. Whether you’re securing networks, analyzing malware, or developing security tools, mastering certain programming languages can significantly enhance your capabilities. Here are some essential programming languages for cybersecurity professionals: Python: Widely regarded as one […]

Cybersecurity Startup Resonance Secures Funding To Meet Its Ambitious Growth Targets

Having experienced business growth since launching its beta offering last year, Resonance Security aims to become the go-to security platform for Web2 and Web3 businesses. According to a press release shared with Cybersecurity Insiders, the startup has just secured $1.5 million in a pre-seed funding round. The investment was led by experienced blockchain-focused venture capital […]

HackerOne Survey Reveals Organizations Feel Equipped to Fight AI Threats Despite Security Incidents

As cybersecurity continues to evolve with AI, an increasing number of IT and security professionals have expressed confidence in their ability to defend against AI-driven threats. However, recent survey results from HackerOne reveal a concerning reality: one-third of organizations faced AI-related security incidents in the past year, despite 95% of IT and security professionals expressing […]

Cybersecurity in the Healthcare Sector: Best Practices for Preventing Today’s Attacks

Change Healthcare, a Nashville-based company that offers healthcare data analytics and revenue cycle management services, was hit with a cyberattack in February. Initial reports predicted network disruptions might last until the end of that day “at least.” More than a month later, the financial and human toll of the cyberattack is still being felt — […]

Overcoming security alert fatigue

Alert fatigue represents more than a mere inconvenience for Security Operations Centre (SOC) teams; it poses a tangible threat to enterprise security. When analysts confront a deluge of thousands of alerts daily, each necessitating triage, investigation, and correlation, valuable time is easily squandered on false positives, potentially overlooking genuine indicators of an enterprise-wide data breach. […]

PRODUCT REVIEW: Safous Zero Trust Access

The Safous Zero Trust Access (ZTA) solution emerges as a comprehensive cybersecurity platform, designed to  tackle the growing challenges enterprises face in protecting digital assets in an increasingly interconnected and  dynamic world. With the rise of remote work, BYOD policies, and sophisticated cyber threats, the demand for  robust, flexible security solutions is more critical than […]

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