Britain Cybersecurity firm issues warning against Microsoft ChatGPT

ChatGPT, the sensational conversational app of Microsoft, has been identified as a threat to national security due to its increased sophistication in phishing scams. The Silicon Valley sophisticated sensation developed by OpenAI has become a part of every tech discussion on LinkedIn and Redditt these days. People believe that it assists threat actors in launching […]

Darktrace acquisition deal of Thoma Bravo terminated

Darktrace, the London based AI-based Cybersecurity company, has made it official that it’s going to terminate the tentative acquisition deal of equity firm London-based Thoma Bravo for reasons. If the deal would have gone through, Thoma Bravo would have gained £6 billion, thus culminating in a significant merger and acquisition deal in 2022. Since July […]

Artificial Intelligence blocks RYUK Ransomware invasion

France-based Dordogne Groupements Hospitaliers de Territoire (Dordogne GHT) has stopped RYUK Ransomware attack on its servers by using the AI propelled DarkTrace Threat monitoring and detection solution. DarkTrace offers Antigena, an autonomous response technology against cyber threats such as ransomware attacks. And in the year 2021, Dordongne GHT, a healthcare service provider from France, chose […]

Stop Ransomware with AI, says Darktrace

Darktrace, a cybersecurity firm from Britain, has made an official statement that one of its customers successfully blocked the invasion of Babuk ransomware onto their network by using the company’s Automated Response technology, titled Antigena. Antigena is a self learning tech-form that knows how to detect, respond and investigate cyber attacks. And as it is […]

DarkTrace Cyber Protects Fashion retailer Ted Baker

Cyber Security firm DarkTrace that uses the technology of Artificial Intelligence to track down cyber threats is nowadays busy protecting the computer network of British Fashion retailer Ted Baker. Britain-based luxury clothing designer & lifestyle service offering company says that DarkTrace has thwarted most of the weekly cyber attacks that include 200 targeted hacks such […]

Microsoft teams up with AI driven Darktrace against Cyber Threats

Microsoft, the American technology giant has teamed up with Darktrace to help customers detect and respond to cyber threats in an automated way. Cybersecurity company Darktrace integrates its threat analysis intelligence with machine learning tools offering enhanced security features across varied cloud platforms and enterprise environments, thus easing work pressure for the security teams.   […]

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