DarkTrace Cyber Protects Fashion retailer Ted Baker

Cyber Security firm DarkTrace that uses the technology of Artificial Intelligence to track down cyber threats is nowadays busy protecting the computer network of British Fashion retailer Ted Baker.

Britain-based luxury clothing designer & lifestyle service offering company says that DarkTrace has thwarted most of the weekly cyber attacks that include 200 targeted hacks such as spear phishing emails targeting high-level executives and cyber campaigns that help steal critical data from companies.

Ted Baker announced an official note DarkTrace services such as DarkTrace Antigena, DarkTrace Autonomous Response Product are helping in identifying and interrupting threats of all range including ransomware that is found targeting the network on per second basis.

Leon Shepherd, the CIO of Ted Bakers confirmed that DarkTrace AI technology is helping the company in understanding whether any threat is underway and its intensity of impact.

The Autonomous Response feature helps users protect their devices in an automated way that helps cut down responsibilities for the admin who can then focus on other important tasks.

Note 1- With over 490 stores across the globe, Ted Baker’s retailing company had over 2000 staff members, out of which nearly 700 of them were furloughed due the COVID-19 lock-down crisis.

Note 2- Established in 2013, Darktrace is a British American company that helps protect its users from various cyber attacks. The company’s Enterprise Immune System is an automated defense software that uses machine learning language to study the operational life of an individual, devices and networks. At the end of 2017, Darktrace opened a new business unit named Darktrace Industrial that was dedicated to protecting SCADA and Industrial networks.

Naveen Goud
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