deep packet inspection

YES! Encrypted Traffic Can (and Must) Be Classified

Encryption Trends Why is Traffic Encryption on the Rise? Everywhere you look, the use of encryption is rising: on the Internet, in public and private Clouds, within enterprises, and across personal devices. One driver of this trend is the global demand for better protection of personal privacy on the Internet. It is a demand that […]

DPI Sensors – Get the Edge in Threat Hunting

As cyber attacks become increasingly sophisticated, traditional solutions based on known signatures often fall short allowing new malware and zero day attacks to penetrate networks without being identified. A virus, for example, might enter a system as an email attachment. Once it becomes active, it will begin system reconnaissance, seeking access to resources and privileges, […]

Faster Detection of Cyber Attacks: Using Deep Packet Inspection to Identify Lateral Movements

Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology, embedded in cybersecurity software, can enable faster, more accurate detection of network infiltration. DPI examines the data part of a packet as it passes an inspection point and alerts to any non-compliance protocols, viruses, spam, and malware. Leveraging DPI software to detect abnormal activity such as lateral movements can help […]

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