Edward Snowden

NSA has been secretly recording phone calls of American Populace

Barton Gellman, a journalist by profession and the man who shared NSA contractor Edward Snowden’s classified documents to the world has revealed in his book that the National Security Agency has been recording phone calls of the American populace for years and has created a database which could create a profile of a person based […]

Data of more than 1 Billion Indian Aadhaar cards is open to Cyber Attack!

A White Paper released by Reserve Bank of India(RBI), India’s Central Banking Institution, has disclosed that for the first time in the history of India, there is now a readily available single target for cybercriminals in the form of Aadhaar details. Aadhaar is a Unique Identity Number issued to all Indian based on their biometrics […]

Wikileaks latest revelations strengthen World War 3 reports!

Wikileaks has divulged in its latest whistle-blowing revelation that US National Security Agency has been constantly spying on the military and mobile networks of nations such as Russia, North Korea, Pakistan, and China. In one of its latest tweets, Wikileaks hinted that NSA uses cyber weapons to maintain vigil on mobile and web networks of […]

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