Trend Micro confirms Cyber Attack on French Elections

US segment of Trend Micro has confirmed that the recently held French elections were hacked by a group of hackers from Russia. The cyber security firm which has its head office in Japan said that attack was launched just 36 hours before French voters went to polls in a May 7th’17 runoff between Macron and […]

Are Britain and Germany ready for pre-election cyber attacks?

As France’s newly elected President Emmanuel Macron is busy enjoying the success of the win, the focus of the media has now turned towards Britain and Germany. The only question which lingers in everyone’s mind is “Are Britain and Germany ready for pre-election cyber attacks?” It is now a known fact that shortly before the […]

Google decides to offer cyber security for countries hosting elections

Internet Juggernaut Google has decided to offer cyber security related assistance to all countries which are about to host elections (ex. Germany and France). In its latest media briefing, Google made it official that it is going to offer assistance to election organizers and civic groups which are interested in defending their public interest related […]

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