Facial recognition

UK to allow facial recognition on 50m drivers

Britain is poised to conduct facial recognition checks on its 50 million drivers in the upcoming year, with the aim of leveraging this initiative to apprehend criminals based on images captured in the CCTV surveillance database. The Home Office and Driver Vehicle and Licensing Agency (DLVA) have introduced a legal proposal exclusively targeting adults. Chris […]

UK’s largest supermarket uses Facial Recognition causing security and privacy concerns

UK’s largest supermarket chain ‘Co-Op Food’ has rolled a new tech on the CCTV surveillance cameras installed on its premises that keeps a track and record of its shoppers without their consent- triggering privacy and security concerns among its customers. The Co-Operative Group retail business of United Kingdom has recorded faces of its visitors on […]

Facebook suspends Facial Recognition Program and deletes over 1bn face prints

Facebook has proclaimed that it will stop autonomous identification of faces of its users by putting an end to its in-house Facial Recognition (FR) Program. The decision was taken after over 639 million active users opted out of the service. From now on, the Mark Zuckerberg’s led company faced a lawsuit against its facial recognition […]

Britain to use AI driven Facial Recognition to nab criminals

Britain is all set to launch a new law where the common public will be subjected to AI driven CCTV surveillance that will help nab criminals. But privacy advocates worry that the new law that is proposed to be implemented by this year’s end in councils related to England and Wales might trigger additional concerns. […]

EU to regulate AI based Facial Recognition

European Commission (EC) is planning to devise a new framework that regularized the usage of AI based Facial Recognition technology that all technology based providers need to comply with. The much awaited legislation that has been pending on the table for approval may see a light by this year end as it still needs to […]

Greek facial recognition law raises privacy concerns

Pretty soon, the police officers in Greece will soon have access to body worn surveillance cameras that will be used for real-time facial recognition and fingerprint scanners. Thus, by doing so, the law enforcement is planning to keep a watch on the citizens when stopped by the police for verification- all as a part of […]

Homeland Security to force Facial Recognition on US travelers

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is all set to use facial recognition technology to track people who are flying up and down the United States. The objective of this activity is to keep North America safe from people who are using US Travel documents in fraudulent ways and entering the country to conduct malevolent activities […]

Google Pixel 4 to get a Mobile Security update to fix facial recognition Vulnerability

All those who are thinking to buy a Google Pixel 4 next month but are worried that the latest facial recognition flaw might affect your privacy, here’s news to rejoice. The web search giant has announced that it is going to fix the controversial facial recognition feature that will allow Pixel 4 phones to unlock […]

Apple iPhone fails to recognize Katie Price

As more and more Apple iPhone users are grouping up on twitter to express their rampage against the facial Recognition technology available on iPhones. The tech company seems to be unperturbed with the backlash. All these days, those using Face ID on iPhone X struggled to unlock their phones early in the morning as the […]

Payment through Facial Recognition and hands to revolutionize Biometric Authentication

All these days we have seen payments made through cash, cheque, smartphones, bitcoins, online and via e-wallets and cryptocurrency. But can you imagine a tech which helps make payments through a simple smile? Yes, what you’ve read it is right! China has soon started to embrace a new payment technology which allows shoppers to make […]

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