Florida yet to spend $30m Cybersecurity fund

Despite a fund allocation of $30m, the law-makers in Florida have failed to spend the amount because of various reasons. Digging deep into the matter, in February this year, Florida Lawmakers were assigned a task of updating their software and hardware related to the state’s critical infrastructure that could help in easily thwarting the cyber […]

Conti Ransomware targets Florida’s largest school district

Broward County Public Schools that is the sixth largest school district in United States was hit by a ransomware attack sometime last month. And sources say that those behind the spread of ransomware demanded $40 million or else threatened to wipe off the entire data on the servers. School authorities of the largest Florida district […]

Hackers try to poison Florida citizens through Cyber Attack

Hackers whose intention was to kill the citizens by inducting poison into their drinking water consumption facility targeted a small town in Florida. However, the massacre was averted by timely reaction of the administrator of the water utility. Going with the details, Oldsmar, a small town in FL consisting 14,000 people as populace, was hit […]

Ransomware attack on Digital Services of Florida Town

Sodinokibi Ransomware gang has again struck a town in Florida disrupting the digital services until a ransom is paid. The town in the discussion is Jupiter Town located in Pal Beach County and was assigned with the tag of 9th happiest seaside place in America by Coastal Living in 2012.   According to a news […]

Florida Pensacola Maze Ransomware hackers release 2GB data on the internet

In a surprising move, the hackers who launched a Maze Ransomware attack on Pensacola city of Florida have released 2GB of data on the internet to prove the point that they have not encrypted only a few files unlike reported in the media and have enough to make money from the dark web.   Going […]

Cyber attack news trending on Google now

According to highly placed sources, Poker Tracker website which helps poker game enthusiasts to improve their chance of winning has been hacked allowing threat actors to steal payment info from customers.   Security experts say that this is a clear case of web-based card skimming scam where a compromised Magecart script allows hackers to siphon […]

Florida City pays $600,000 to hackers for a ransomware attack

In a first of its kind big payment made to those spreading ransomware in this year on an official note, leaders of a Florida City have decided to pay $600,000 to hackers in order to decrypt their city’s computer systems. Although the law enforcement agencies like FBI discourages such practice, the chief of Riviera Beach, […]

Schools in Florida turn extremely vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Florida-based School Networks are extremely vulnerable to cyber attacks, says a research study made by United Data Technologies. The Doral-based cyber security firm also confirmed that at least 4 Florida school district networks were hacked by cyber crooks to slip into other sensitive government systems, including state voting systems just before the US 2016 Polls. […]

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