Florida Pensacola Maze Ransomware hackers release 2GB data on the internet


In a surprising move, the hackers who launched a Maze Ransomware attack on Pensacola city of Florida have released 2GB of data on the internet to prove the point that they have not encrypted only a few files unlike reported in the media and have enough to make money from the dark web.


Going by history, a ransomware attack that took place on the City of Florida early this month disrupted the services related to emails and phones and 311 customer services to a certain extent. 

All online payment services from Pensacola Energy and City of Pensacola Sanitation Services were halted. But the Police, Fire, and other public safety services weren’t affected by the cyber attack.


A source from tech resource Bleeping Computer says that the Maze Ransomware attack which took place on Pensacola City of Florida on December 7th, 2019 had the hackers have access to over 32GB of data. On Tuesday they released around 2GB of data filled files to prove to the media that they have enough to make money by selling the data on the dark web.


All that they are demanding is a $1 million ransom to free up the data from file-encrypting malware.


It is still unclear whether the hackers/hacking group intends to release more data to the internet if the authorities at the Pensacola play do not pay heed to their demands.


Note- Some hackers are now developing file-encrypting malware these days such as Maze which has the feature of first transmitting the files to remote servers and then locks down the system’s database from access.


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