Maze Ransomware

Maze Ransomware gang to shut down operations soon

Maze Ransomware group that first steals data and then encrypts a database until a ransom is paid has announced that it is going to shut down its business of spreading malware by this month end.    However, it is still unclear whether the notorious gang of cyber criminals is closing its business on a permanent […]

Conduent ransomware attack and its Citrix Server Vulnerability

Conduent, a Business Process services company headquartered in New Jersey, America was reportedly hit by a ransomware attack on May 29th,2020. The company has confirmed the attack and said that the incident was contained in 9 hours( starting from12:45 am CET to 10:00 am CET) before the systems were brought online from backups, but failed […]

Ransomware gang breaches NASA and US Nuclear Missile IT Contractors

As per a report aired on Sky News, Maze Ransomware spreading gang has targeted a US Nuclear Missile IT Contactor hailing from New Mexico stealing a small portion of information and encrypting few of the servers storing sensitive data from being accessed further. The company in the discussion is Westech International which was founded in […]

Maze Ransomware attack on Cognizant

Cognizant which is known to provide IT services to multinational companies across the world have admitted that its internal systems witnessed disruption just before the weekend due to Maze Ransomware.   Although the American tech giant did not confirm the news to the world, its CEO Brian Humphries wrote to employees that it became a […]

Florida Pensacola Maze Ransomware hackers release 2GB data on the internet

In a surprising move, the hackers who launched a Maze Ransomware attack on Pensacola city of Florida have released 2GB of data on the internet to prove the point that they have not encrypted only a few files unlike reported in the media and have enough to make money from the dark web.   Going […]

Maze Ransomware was behind the Cyber Attack of Pensacola Florida

According to an email forwarded by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to all Florida County Commissioners, Maze Ransomware was the malware which struck the digital infrastructure maintained by the city of Pensacola, FL on December 7th, 2019 And sources from the Pensacola News Journal confirm that the said malware was the same which targeted […]

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