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According to highly placed sources, Poker Tracker website which helps poker game enthusiasts to improve their chance of winning has been hacked allowing threat actors to steal payment info from customers.


Security experts say that this is a clear case of web-based card skimming scam where a compromised Magecart script allows hackers to siphon payment card data of customers.


However the attack was intercepted at the right time by the anti-malware solution of Malwarebytes on August 8th this year allowing its researchers to block the attack and probe the infiltration further to know the names of those involved.


In the second news related to cyber attacks, it’s confirmed that so far at least seven Florida municipalities have become a victim of ransomware attack since Dec’18.


Sources say that all the attacks were launched through a phishing campaign where an employee is tricked to click on a malicious online bait leading to the download of a file-encrypting malware infection.


As per the details available to Cybersecurity Insiders, Collier County was one among the victims which paid $184,000 from taxpayers money to hackers. Next, it was Tallahassee’s county which fell victim to a cyber-attack where more than half a million dollars from employee payroll were transferred to a hacker residing in a foreign nation.


Thirdly, the city of Stuart in Florida became victim to Ryuk Ransomware attack after which info related to the damage was not confirmed by the authorities. Fourthly, the City of Riviera Beach is reported to have paid 65 BTC or $600,000 to free up their database from the hacker’s encryption.


Later in the August City of Naples agreed that it paid $700,000 to hackers as a result of a sophisticated spear-phishing attack.


Lastly, Lake City and Town of Key Biscayne is also reported to have become a victim to Ryuk ransomware attack.


Coming to the third news related to cyber attacks, American Movie ticket subscription service named Movie Pass has admitted that some hackers infiltrated its database to access tens and thousands of customer card info which includes 58,000 records related to card expires.


However, a spokesperson of the company MoviePass failed to admit that sensitive details were compromised in the attack. And admitted that the hack attained success as a critical server was left unprotected with passwords.


The fourth news trending on Google is of a different genre but related to the cyber attack. After the 74-year-old Sylvester Stallone released the trailer of his popular Rambo Sequel, a certain group of Russian hackers has targeted him by bombarding the Action Star’s Instagram Rambo Page with profane comments written in the Russian language.


In the past 24 hours, the hackers succeeded in posting over 12,000 comments on the Stallone’s Instagram page which some say was a retaliation to the act of US Actor Bradley Cooper leaving Russian Model Irina Shayk.

Naveen Goud
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